About Us

My name is Donnie Carr, the founder of Patriot Station, I come from a complex work history from retail sales to wholesale sales, manufacturing to self employment and networking. I have 20+ years experience under my belt of seeing how the process works in business and where customers find themselves the most frustrated. At Patriot Station, we will strive to give our customers the best experience we possibly can without any gimmicks. If we tell you we will do something, we will do it!

I have built Patriot Station to give support to any business big or small that take the time to support our country and its people. Marketing can cost companies thousands with zero returns. I also know that when trying to shop for made in America products. There is no single place to shop that has a large listing of products all on one site.

Our goal is to give the support companies need without the risk. We don’t get paid until we make a sale. We do not charge listing fees or annual fees to be on our site. We list your products for free to you and on our dime. At Patriot Station we are not here to list the hottest and latest only so we can pad our pockets. We are here to bring awareness to our nation of just all the awesome companies that exist and make quality products in our country. If you have made it this far, please know, we are not in this for the money. We are in this to show the support our country and workers need to come back from the mess Covid has created. And we will do everything in our power to accomplish that goal!

Our mission is to bring people one place to shop for any and all made in America products without having to worry if they are being scammed by a slick marketing team. You can trust if we have an item listed, it has been vetted to the fullest. We even dig deep to make sure the cheapest supply option is not being used and assembled in the US. AKA Assembled in America with globally sourced products.