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Break-In Oil Kit 1964 - 1998 Chevrolet V8 4.3L 262 CID - 6.6L 400 CID Gen I Small Block 5 Quarts BR 5W-30

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When breaking-in a new engine, Driven Racing Oil® takes the guesswork out for you. Driven's Break-In kits have the high-performance oil & filter for your racing needs. Our special formulated oil paired with the best names in filtration specific for your engine. Convenient one oil change box will save time & money with everything in one kit.

• Takes out the guess work of which filter to pick
• Saves money & time with everything in one kit
• Does not require additional ZDDP additives

• One kit has everything you need for one complete oil change
• SAE 5W-30 viscosity for modern OEM rebuilds & hydraulic lifter engines
• Provides excellent ring sealing
• Good for full power pulls on the dyno, one night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street

WARNING: Driven Racing Oils are formulated for classic & racing applications only. This engine oil does NOT meet any current API or OEM Engine Oil Specifications. These oils are not intended for vehicles quipped with catalytic converters.