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HR2 10w-30 Conventional Hot Rod Oil

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Great for small block crate engines. Features storage protection additives that guard against rust and corrosion during winter storage. 10W Multi-grade formula provides excellent start-up protection for flat tappet, overhead and roller cam engines. No ZDDP additives required. Viscosity typical of 10W-30.

DRIVEN HR2 Racing Oil is formulated for High Performance Engines/Racing applications only. This engine oil will NOT MEET any current API or OEM Engine Oil Specifications. These engine oils are not intended for use in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters.

1964 - 1975 Chevrolet V8 265-454 CID

Kit Contains:
5 Quarts of HR2 10W-30
Oil Filter
Oil Cap Decal
Oil Change Decal (miles/laps)
Shop Rag
Small & Medium Decals