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Toddler Patterned Suede Booties

Toddler Patterned Suede Booties

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These handmade moccasins for toddlers are made of soft cowhide suede in unique patterned designs.
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We are happy to introduce our popular booties in some new patterned leathers! Made of soft cowhide suede, these new designs are a charming addition to our baby moccasins.

These single layer leather booties tie securely around the ankle and have soft leather insoles. The softness of our footwear allows for natural foot movement.

Our leather booties are made using the traditional moccasin pattern, and the Toddler booties feature decorative hand lacing around the sides. The soft leather's flexibility does not constrict the baby's feet, and the leather's breathability is good for healthy feet.

Toddler Sizes:
Small/1 yr. - size 3
Medium/2 yrs. - size 5
Large/3 yrs. - size 7

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