Frequently asked questions

How do I save/shortlist items I might buy?

First, click here to create an account. Then, choose a product and click on the "add to wishlist" button. When you login later on, you can access the items you've saved.
Please Note: this is NOT a reservation for an item!

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes! Patriot Station proudly accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and more!

Do you ship outside USA?

No, we do not ship outside of the United States at this time.

Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes, we do! Patriot Station gift cards are available in amounts ranging from $10 to $500.
Need a specific amount that's not listed? No problem! You can simply buy multiples of each amount that you need.
Example: buy 2 $10 gift cards = $20 or buy 3 $25 gift cards = $75

Are all products returnable?

Patriot Station abides by the return policies of its respective suppliers, manufacturers, and brands. Some products, such as customized items, CANNOT be returned.
Please read the product descriptions or contact Patriot Station directly for help with your return.