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Men's Canoe Sole Walking Boots

Men's Canoe Sole Walking Boots

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Step into leather moccasin boots designed with leather soles for comfort and natural foot movement!
Priced at $190.25 to $206.50

Step into a boot that is designed for comfort and natural foot movement!  This Canoe Sole Walking Boot is available in either double layer deertan leather or tumbled cowhide.  The deertan boots are flexible, breathable and lightweight, and are fully lined with smooth deertan leather.  Our cowhide boots are made of full grain tumbled cowhide leather for extra durability.

The thick cowhide leather canoe sole wraps around the toe and heel. In addition to a Poron cushion insole, a leather insole is inserted between the leather layers for added toughness.  So for the cowhide boots, between your feet and the ground there are three layers of thick cowhide and a Poron cushion insole between the leather layers.  The deertan boots have double layer deertan, plus two layers of thick cowhide and the Poron cushion insole between your feet and the ground.

These Canoe Sole Walking Boots are ideal for outdoor activities on natural surfaces. For more rugged terrain or street use, we recommend our Walking Boots with classic rubber soles (Style #540).

Footskins are completely made in the USA of American leathers. Because they are handcrafted with much attention given to detail, you can be assured of the high quality of our footwear.
Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed. Try a pair, and "You will know!"

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