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Team Z Mustang Solid Engine Mounts - SBF - Standard/Stock & 3/4" drop

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  • Brand: Team Z Motorsports
  • Type: Chassis Parts
Team Z offers solid motor mounts for 302 and 351 based Windsor engines in 79-95 Mustangs. They also work with our Swap2 K-members that allow 1996-2004 cars to convert to push rod engine. These mounts are cut here in house on our laser and bent on our CNC Brake proudly in Michigan. We offer these mounts in two versions. The first option is stock/standard height to keep it as close to the factory settings as possible. The second option is a 3/4" drop to lower the overall height of the engine. Please select from drop down menu.

Comes with:
2) Small Block Ford Motor Mounts-Made from 1/4" Thick steel
2) 14mm Bolts
2) 14mm Nylock Nuts
4) Zinc Coated Washers